Today I turn 18, and below is a photo taken 5 years ago to this day, as a 13 year old. So much has changed in that 5 year period, but my love for photography remains untouched. 

There is a silent meditation that comes while photographing. Moments when the beachside park is completely empty because the storm is beginning any moment, with the only other souls miles away on this tiny boat off the coast. You are still. Living in nothing but that moment alone. 
there will be times 
when you witness such a visual spectacle 
you feel obliged to say 
you’ve witnessed a sight of the heavens themselves. 

Little did we know at the moment of the trials we would undergo within the coming years, and the faith in the lord we would come to gain. I suppose, from a standpoint of 5 years later, that it was all a metaphor in disguise. 


  1. This is breathtaking. Nature is the greatest artist. When I look at a sunset I get such a feeling of bliss and calm.