What this post may be is the summation of tempestuous hormones and avoiding a crapload of homework. But alas…

Margaret Zhang—if you haven’t heard or read her blog, you have been missing out on the most eloquent compilations of writing. I mean, this girl can write a mean post about everything. Everything. From thought provoking posts about her Asian identity, to even recounting her day with the flu mesmerizes you in a way you didn’t think possible. Somehow her godsent articulated journals tie into the piece she effortlessly is wearing, in a way as sly as how Ellen DeGeneres leads every show introduction to “let’s dance.” The blog world (and by that, I mean those who currently pioneer the fashion blogging industry) has, in my opinion, lost the journalistic touch and rather become a bare collection of photos. I too am highly guilty of that. But after late nights of religiously reading all of her written glory, I am inspired and determined to channel my inner Margaret. In fact, her blog has set a standard that makes me cringe seeing the all too familiar "Look at these pretty things!" approach so many have. 

Not only, writing, no! Her photos. She is a photographer/self-shooter too, and that makes me feel better the next time I am running back and forth from my tripod in the open public.

And as I continue to gush over my new bloglady crush, I will add that she is a college student, which leads to question why you have been procrastinating, and whether all she does is even possible. Nevertheless, I will probably continue to procrastinate, through, of course, reading more of her posts well into 3 am nights. Or right at this moment, where I am supposed to be writing a paper about the spoils of war within Homer’s The Iliad.

If you happen to wonder what the photos above has anything to with this post... It’s a recent creative photo of mine that was featured in my last exhibit at Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk. I quite like it so here’s a space to feature it. But of course, interpret away dear viewers. (Also like my photography Facebook page!)

And so, I’ll leave it that. Hi Margaret, if you’re ever reading this, thank you for potentially changing the course of this blog in terms of written content. You’re great. Very great, indeed.


  1. nice post!



  2. Aditi, you and I may have to start an official Margaret Zhang fanclub because I agree with all of the above. I saw your comment on Margaret's latest post and I was like heck yes she is amazing. I love this post and only wish I could sound as articulate as you or Margaret in writing! - Juliet

  3. Yes, someone who understands! Haha, thank you so much for your kind words Juliet, I truly appreciate it!

    If you have a blog, would love to see it!

    Xoxo, Aditi

  4. Haha no problems at all Aditi! Right now, my blog is more of a pipeline dream but I'm hoping to get one up and running soon. Have a lovely rest of the week xx

  5. oh goodnesss we're all obsessed & inspired by her! I used to photograph myself out of necessity, and now it's to master the photography skill set.

    I found your blog via her site,and I gotta say the embracing ofintelligent fashion is really nice to see.


  6. Yes-- self shooting definitely master the art itself!

    Thanks for your kind words Khadijat, shall check our blog right now xx :)