Arguably begun as an extension of my millennial needs to share content on the internet, it's been a year since the conception of But what exactly is ADIMAY? A pseudonym, an enigma? Here's a little reflection of the things I've learned this past year. 

As I was finishing up my summer homework the other day, I came across a notification on my laptop-- "1 year blogversary!" 
I think I probably added this event as a test to see how long that blog I made the summer before my freshman year in college would last. I didn't yet know what the blog would consist of; my first post indicated it as "A world of endless possibilities..." probably because I didn't know what direction it would take, yet here we are one year later.

So a little more about this online space. What even is ADIMAY? As much as I might glamorize it as a pseudonym, an enigma (maybe even my equivalent of a Lana Del Ray persona?!), the name was created as something that sounded natural enough and was the first three letters of my first and last name. But alas, let us think of ADIMAY as a phenomenon of evolution as this space continues to grow (and also a great place to channel my millennial needs of sharing content on the Interwebs). 

And although many friends and family members alike will still question what exactly is it that you do (#ADIMAY?), this last year has been a hell of a ride, especially as something that I began with no clear prospects. Now, this is no climatic moment of proclaiming myself as a blogging guru by any means, but I've learned a lot (and continue to learn everyday) so let's break down some of the most significant things I've learned within my first year of blogging...
You'll learn that in order to conceive of an audience, you'll need to market yourself... as a brand. Which is where recurrent consistent factors, a signature style, becomes key. 
Don't sweat it if you're still figuring it out, I know I still am. There's beauty in the ever-changing dynamic of all online outlets, but have your interests show (I've never liked the idea of being tied to anything, but here we do photography, style, and social action. With a touch of the occasional identity crisis).
Additionally, you'll have to self-promote from time to time which is scary/awkward/annoying for many, including myself. Just remember moderation is key, and if you truly believe in your content (see next point), just go ahead and live unapologetically because you're probably really damn awesome. Time for some aspirational Pinterest worthy advice: Live your life for yourself, they'll judge you anyway. But you'll also find the ones that truly like what you do when you present your true self. 
In other words: Do you boo, do you. 

Many of the early posts of this blog are enough to make me cringe, as they are literally nearly a sentence and photos (But I've left them up for the sake of seeing improvement). Yes, it was initially going to be simply a photo blog, but I've come to learn the potential of engaging written content, after discovering the eloquent goddesses such as Margaret Zhang and Man Repeller to name a few. Of course, in a world where audio/visual, quick taglines-- a world of "microblogging" persay is notorious for an age that wants everything immediately, the art of well thought-out, considerate posts has become such an important element in my own level of engagement when it comes to reading other blogs. Now, I'm not expecting an essay for any #OOTD, but something more than a mere "isn't it pretty?" is always a plus. 

As one researches how to grow one's blog, consistent content creation is always key... but I recently discovered the slow blogging movement, in which content is key. Of course consistency is important too (and I'm still struggling with that), but don't get caught within the capitalist mindset of quantity triumphing all. Now let's try and find an example... 50 pennies or two quarters? Two quarters right? I'll take it you get the point. 
Always create content you're proud of. 

In extension to the last point made, engagement is among the most strived for, arguably toughest, most rewarding aspects of the media world... 
Between the key completely unengaged "GREAT POST! CHECK OUT MY NEW POST!" comments that are notorious of all social channels in the media world today (I'm tempted to call out any of these comments on this post), you will come across the individuals who truly give their genuine feedback and sometimes even foster discussion. High stats are always great, but at the end of the day is these types of engagements that are true affirmations that you're doing something right.  

By this I don't just mean brand collaborations, although those are super fun as well (just make sure you truly believe in the brands you work with). As you put yourself out there, you'll see a reciprocal exchange as creatives: everyone from fashion bloggers to photographers may approach you, and you'll find yourself in communities of people as passionate as you are about their independent creative pursuits. 

6) Remember why you started 
Depending on what type of blogger you are, its easy to dwell into the realm of FREE STUFF, but all of that can be rather disillusioning. Remember why you started, and hopefully free clothes or cash in isn't the main key. The blogging world is so saturated in this day and age that a true passion for the trade is critical to growth. And although measures such as a business plan is quite endorsed for anyone looking to enter the world of blogging these days, I've come to learn the importance of using this online abode as an extension of your interests and passions, rather than the blog itself consuming you. Think of it as a bridge for sharing and expanding your interests in any given field, whether thats photography, styling, art, rather than seeing it solely as a plateau waiting to be monetized. 
At the end of the day, you'll have a place to channel and grow your skills, interact with ace human beings, and of course do what you love.
And that's pretty cool. 
To hopefully one of many more "blog"versaries...


  1. Lovely journey since it's inception(#ADIMAY)
    i always loves your beautiful content Style and lovely photos.

    Keep growing..........

  2. Blogging is such a fascinating experiment in personal growth! Happy Blogversary!

  3. Thank you for all of your support :)

  4. Beautiful post Aditi! First, I can't believe you are only 18. You are so talented! I'm approaching my 6 month mark and I'm already looking at some of my early posts with a slight cringe. I've also started reading a lot about the slow blogging movement and I'm really channeling that as of late: better posts, less frequently. I tried posting every day and it just made me feel so burnt out. I'm happy to have discovered your blog and look forward to following. Btw, love that you are from SoCal! I'm from Long Beach, you? xo

  5. Thank you so much Lisa, means a lot! :) And so much yes to the slow blogging movement-- especially as students daily posts are such a stretch, but you're creating awesome content nevertheless. We're def local-- I'm currently attending college at UCI! Keep in touch xoxo

  6. Oh that's great! Well I'm sadly leaving Cali for Chicago next Monday for business school at Northwestern. I'm jealous of the amazing weather you're having right now :) I may need to pick your brain on balancing blogging with the student schedule again. Have a great weekend!

  7. That's amazing, congratulations! <3 and yes, definitely haha. Have a great weekend Lisa xx