The great thing about travel is it’s ability to parallel to so many life’s greatest lessons.

Especially when you come with little to no expectations of what you’ll find, leading to that added effort of seeking.

“I go to seek a great perhaps” is the quote by Francois Rabelais that rings to true to this particular venture this past birthday weekend. And although that particular quote may or may not have religious underpinnings, the context of that great perhaps was the essence of this whole trip.

The large majority of the trip was planned with the knowledge that hidden swings existed in the crevices of La Jolla (that of which we did find-- photos to surface soon). However, this incredible gem pictured above was the ultimate occasion of serendipity. Unexpectedly seeing a wooden ladder towering an old tree with the ocean in the back was a particularly special moment, with generous dues of heart palpitations (similar occurrences in past travels have become a trend).  

Today I present with you the first image of several shoots that trailed this past weekend, that of which will be posted in sequences to avoid an overflow of treasured content. Good things are coming, ladies and gentlemen, good things.

On the topic of travel adventure, I have some additional news to share with you. An added wave of travel adventure is to come to this blog, with the help of a new partnership ADIMAY will now embark on. I’m proud to say that we’ll be now working with as a brand ambassador, meaning that I’ll get to experience travel adventures far and near and report back to you all.

What is Tinggly you may ask? All that you’ve been searching for, may I dare to say. And no, not your future boyfriend. Tinggly is the pinnacle of giving the gift of amazing experiences across the globe. You can purchase the experiences not only for yourself, but for others in a gift essentials package ($125 value) in which an individual can pick any experience all over the damn world: we’re talking a walk with a monk in Nepal, Icelandic nature tours, camel rides for two in Morocco, and everything in between. Of course, you can learn more about all they have to offer on their site here, but I’ll leave it at that for now. In essence, the common theme here is the importance of the atypical travel, far from staying here and eating there, but rather seeking that great perhaps. 

And I can’t wait to share all that and more with you soon. 
Till next time, dear viewers.

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