Bullhead Diaries

If there’s one word to describe Arizona, it’s expanse

In every respect-- from the languid heat of arid deserts, to what seems to be endless currents in the multiple bodies of water that one unexpectedly comes upon (and God bless them during a weekend of 110° heat).

Similarly, if there’s any one word to describe one’s spirit during a roadtrip, that too is expanse.

It’s the perfect environment to lose yourself completely (I mean that literally—when your only landmark is cactus, going the wrong direction for miles on end is seemingly justified).

Such was the essence of this roadtrip to the lovely city of Bullhead. From mornings in the Mohave, to surrendering to current of the Colorado River, or finding yourself completely enamored by the deserts around Grapevine Canyon, it was a trip for the books.

Today I present you with select timescapes of those days; enjoy dear viewers. 

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