Today let's take a step back and focus on my first muse: bugs and their humble abodes.
My genesis in photography began with nature photos—specifically macros. 

I would have taken the ladybug on a leaf over any model in the beginning, and recently I realized how long it had been since I’d reconciled with my first true muses: My backyard. Surrounding parks. Clouds.

These photos find us well today.

Between the more profligate conceptual images that have been manifested in my mind as of late, from dragging vintage furniture sets into the open, to gowns with tails and towering models, there’s a sacred simplicity within that ordinary bush you pass every day. What seems as a nest for all pests is actually an abode for magic. Your sole focus becomes following that fly’s every move to every flower. You’ll realize you’ve been sitting in a lavender bush for the past half hour, with an SD card full of photos to make you nostalgic of your photographic beginnings. 

The stares of elderly woman taking their evening stroll may be pejorative, but alas… you smell damn good and you’re displaying your vigor for your craft.

And best of all… you’ll rediscover the joy that made you fall in love with it all. 

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