As a way to cope the overwhelming heat that has been plaguing California as of the past week,  I’ve decided to catalogue the photos from my recent roadtrip to San Diego in one visual diary that will explore the blue hues in attempt to think cool, cool thoughts (It’s 105° as of current).

Pictured below are some lovely moments from a legendary day; it’s truly amazing how much one can do when you’re pushed to be exploring constantly in a city you don’t know. And so, picture below are select moments:

  1. Heaven’s rays peaking through a sudden influx of dark clouds, leading to an abrupt stop on the ride of the road and running like an idiot to bluff’s end.
  2. Forcing my partners in roadtrip to sit on the edge and take in the glory as I took in them taking in the glory. Glory-ception.
  3. Successfully finding the hidden swings of La Jolla as heaven continued to pour out into the ocean in the background. Cue tears.
  4. The majesty of this photo will quickly be elevated when you see the behind-the-scenes HERE. Trust.
  5. Losing your friend only to accidently find him as a spec in your photograph of the ocean.
  6. A beautiful set up beachside (as part of a wedding), moments prior to crashing it.
  7. Close up of that decor, and questioning looks as people wondered if I indeed was the wedding photographer.
  8. One final trip to the swings in the morning hour the next day, prior to returning back home.

Aaand it feels cooler already. Until next time, San Diego...

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  1. Oh my goodness, the photos are stunning! I love the blue hues.