1+ month of silence on this online abode— checking in with overflowing assignments being ignored by revisiting overflow(er)ing photos.

Life in Rose Color Glasses

The cyclical silence that creeps onto this online space every so often was in full force one again, so I’m here, with a handful of photos from folders of to-be-edited photos from summer. Pictured below are a series of self portraits from a impromptu shoot on a lovely summer evening.

Like most of my photo ventures, they comply with the recurring narrative of serendipity, but this time only about 2 miles from home base rather than some unexplored nook miles away.

School has been demanding this time around, with the start of upper division courses. It’s the beautiful battle of diminishing free time, but not all is lost— I am in utter love with my classes. The marriage of journalism and international studies is a beautiful thing, ladies and gentlemen. With each class there is the paradox of feeling all the more enlightened, yet feeling like I know nothing at all. It’s a wonderful place to be.

Back to this hiatus though, I’m thankful to say this has not been a break that emerged as a result of no inspiration. The ideas and creative juices remain flowing, but time management skills are yet to be reconfigured.

And so until the time surfaces to invest myself within those to-be-edited photos and to-be-written posts, the whimsical tale continues with these photos. Enjoy, dear viewers.

Photos by yours truly.

Top courtesy of Shop Arrowroot, 
an ethically produced label that 
partners with fair-trade organizations 
such as Mi Esperanza.

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