An editorial and written piece inspired by a collection of narratives, spaces, and places-- my own and those of others combined into one blended voice. 

Growing up, you were always that glorified idea that I sought to explore every damn inch of. That which attracted to most beautiful, trying souls like the voices of sirens— minus the doom, right? I wanted to be part of your world.

I grew up. I came to see your brazen disposition.
Countless narratives.
One stacked concrete spill. 
Things were what they were and nothing else, unambiguous. No pretentious judgements of a suburbia that echoed as home. But you weren’t all surfaces and revelations; you were the ceaseless negotiation between disguising loneliness in a display of unrelenting intimacy, to pretending to be far detached than you really were. An unrelenting conflict.

I grew up. I came to know you.

Between all of your anonymity. Your nose was a peak never touched by the weather, your surface rough from all your years, with scars of alley ways dark and deep.
Yet with light was always in sight. You and your certain charm. Blatancy, perhaps.

I grew up and learned you. Countless weekends. Late nights. That’s when you came alive. I found my own place among all of your territory, after countless seeking and transgressing of levels-- my own abode. A creaky place in you that others undoubtedly had claimed as their own as well. Everyone had etched, painted, affirmed their place in you-- but you belonged no one.  

Here I was again that night. 
A special night, an unplanned encounter. 
Something drew me back to that ledge, 
above the anonymity,
beyond it all.

Just watching you in your entirety. 
I had found my place.
My space in you.

Yet, to learn your city was to discover that this clarity, 
for miles on end, was all an illusion.

Despite it’s apparent nakedness, 
it was all a quicksand metropolis-- 
at it’s late hour, seducing you, 
changing you, reclaiming you-- 
again and again.

Featuring an Ishi Vest in Denim Sky
Photography by Sean Sandoval.
Creative Direction and Styling by yours truly.

The following editorial features two outfits curated with Indian fashions in mind, from the textures, silhouettes, and details. The nehru style jacket by Ishi Vest is made in fair-trade, chemical free conditions while supporting sustainability efforts in India. The orante platform shoes are via Devika Bharadwaj, an amazing designer based in India who offers bespoke pieces. Be sure to check out these amazing designers and brands making waves in the motherland.

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