I've been to New York sporadically within my 19 years of life. It was a visit always described as “nice, followed by, “but I wouldn’t want to live there.” 

 I was a young little lass who came to New York never to see its sights further than Lady Liberty, due to an agenda of family visits or something of the like every time I visited. 

Not that there's anything wrong that...However, the return to New York, this time no longer as a homebound prepubescent girl, has altered my perception of the big apple.

Exhibit A: Public transport. Southern California really needs to step up its transportation game because boy Redbull New York’s public transportation system gives you wings. 
The city of dreams is literally at one’s disposal. Grab a metro ticket and get lost in it.

Now that you’ve gotten wherever you want to be, this city is a condensed metropolis of magic simply explore.

Exhibit B: All of the photos in this post were shot all in less than a one mile radius, in and around the Brooklyn Bridge.
One of my favorite filmmakers and New York enthusiasts, Casey Neistat, said it best when he said “it was, it is, it forever will be the Promise Land. For the first time in my life I was in a place that I fit in… It’s as if you went around the world and found all the people who didn’t fit it everywhere else and put them on an island.”

There really is something about this place: old city, young spirit.
A place that fosters aspiration and adventure... or having one sit in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge like an idiota childhood fantasy. 

And so, dear New York: Among other things, thank you for the lessons in public transport. The unapologetic, inspired folks that occupy your every corner. For your abundant libraries & hidden gems on every intersection. For your friendships, old and new. For all the childhood boxes, ticked.

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