"Perhaps we only leave 
So we may once again arrive 
To get a bird's eye view 
Of what it means to be alive. 
For there is beauty in returning, 
Oh how wonderful, how strange, 
To see that everything is different, 
But know it's only you that's changed." 
- e.h.

It is the most hedonistic week of the year and newspapers and news sites are filled with tidbits on where to party, what to wear and how to cure a hangover. The countdowns and kickstarts have passed, and now hit the resolutions of goals and dreams.

But this post will not end in a the typical list of self improvement. Carpe diem, eat pray love, yeah yeah.

If there’s one goal I’ll declare on this space, it’s my 52 week photography project that I’ll begin this year. One conceptual photograph (or photography project-- which should translate to one accompanying blog post) per week to hone in more deeply on my love for fine art photography. At the same time, tomorrow marks the first Monday of college after a break spent in energizer bunny of all cities-- New York (and I’ve become all the more enamored with the spirit of the city).

And so, to begin this project is the image above, taken at Central Park’s Belvedere Castle. All the more relevant with undertones of change, hope, and reflection. Photographed is Bharati, my childhood best friend who I get the chance to catch up with every few years when I'm visiting New York. Every time we meet and condense years of events into a few days, I'm reminded of how much has changed within our lives, yet how certain elements of our narratives remain intertwined-- a beautiful thing indeed.

With the New Year now initiated, may the mentality of unrelenting work ethic New York stay with us all, whatever your endeavours may be. Let us thrive and prosper, dear folks.

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