A brilliant intersection between style and female empowerment, by way of Schoola and the Malala Fund.
Red Dress Editorial ADIMAY by Aditi Mayer Schoola

Today this space is exploring the brilliant intersection between style and social action, by way of Schoola. If you haven’t heard of Schoola, it's an online consignment store that you can purchase from (40% of your purchase will go towards the causes outline below) or donate to, just by requesting a postage-paid to your front step.

You can have your items benefit the Malala Fund, which works with partners throughout the world to empower girls, invest in local education leaders and programs, and advocate for education resources for every child. Solidarity between women is one of the most beautiful and most powerful forces for change and progress-- couple that with education, the outlook is promising. 
Yet with so many girls are victim to the mentality of female domesticity, violence, or poverty and are forced out of school; gender equality, apart from gender equality in education entirely, is far from achieved.  This post can't even touch the surface of such a deeply rooted issue, but recognizing the importance of raising awareness and standing up for these girls is essential. The Malala Fund is working towards a goal that would translate to 12 years of education for every child rather than basic literacy, and supporting education initiatives in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.
I’ve always loved thrifting-- price point, environmental beneficiality, and the treasure hunt for avant garde pieces that come exclusively to the thrifting process. Take the red dress in these photos for example, courtesy of Schoola. I'm an advocate expression through style and education alike, both for their ability to empower in their own independent fashions-- Schoola allows for just that (and recently hit the milestone of funding $100,000 for the Malala Fund this past January).
For the skeptics and enthusiasts alike, I’ve included a referral link for you to try Schoola with $20 free credit.
Click here to claim it and treat yo’self, Internet darlings.

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