Digital postcards and post trip reflections by way of La Paz and it's wonders.

Here’s a set of imagery from the glorious La Paz that’s been sitting on my visual backlog for a few weeks now. I’ve strayed away from publishing any posts: 1) lack of sufficient Internet connection, 2) Days busy with research projects via data collection and community interviews, and 3) awaiting lavishly complimentary prose to back it up. Here’s my attempt to fulfill that.

What I find particularly interest with travel experience is the inexorable notion that This. Experience. Will. Change. You. Indefinitely. The countless number of listicles to Pinterest wanderlust quotes on the Internet will speak to that.

And as much as I love self-growth in all it’s glorious interventions, I was critically aware of those hackneyed statements, so I put of the retrospective blog post to this trip off until I had the time to digest and reflect.

Growth is never about location...

La Paz marks one of many firsts: first long term period abroad, first field study project, and a series of firsts as it relates to ocean activities: between snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with sharks to sea lions and more. Beyond its every corner looking like some Lonely Planet fantasy, La Paz has brought about an important lesson. The best parts of this past quarter are beyond location. 

From a community saturated with passionate badasses (see here and here), lessons in navigating the murky grounds of immersive research and reporting, to countless new experiences especially your marine spectacles (read: girl who could recently feared deep waters is now in utter love with the ocean). The list goes on, but alas…
Catch you soon

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