In the spirit of escapism (and looming final exams), we backtrack to the city of Prague,
featuring ethical fashion label House of Wandering Silk.

In the spirit of escapism (and looming final exams), we backtrack to the city of Prague. There’s always that one thing about every city that makes your heart beat a little faster.
For Prague, many will point to the Prague castle peaking at the edge of the city, or the aged beauty of the historic Charles Bridge.

For me, it was right below the aforementioned wonder.

The number of swans in Prague’s waters was swoon-worthy. I think the sheer number of swans parallels to Prague's charm as a city. They're just birds to some degree, but something about them is just magical, just like Prague as a city riddled with castles, cathedrals, to old town squares. One can just argue they're just public places, but there's something about otherworldly about it all.

Following seeing any sort of visual glory, my mind gravitates towards how I can take that location and blend it via fashion photography. Of course, being a backpacker, the wardrobe department is limited.

Cue these two pieces from The House of Wandering Silk, the Hmong Silver Cuff and Cashmere Ikat Scarf, which doubled as a wrap skirt in this case.

Travel, like fashion, is part of an intricate web of stories. House of Wandering Silk puts narratives at the forefront of their brand; at House of Wandering Silk, textiles are framed stories representing the journey made by the textiles sourced from all over India, across Asia and beyond. Scroll below to read more about this ethical fashion label!
Zehra Abbas
Cuff, Skirt (Scarf) via House of Wandering Silk

House of Wandering Silk is a social for-profit company based out of New Delhi, whose founding was based on the idea "there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." HOWS work with a network of partners to hand craft and bring to market authentic, ethical and beautiful textile-based products using upcycled, hand made and vintage materials.

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