Meet the new German watch brand that’s introducing Piñatex with the Swiss Watch Movement.

Few fashion pieces have the ability to stand the test of time: not only in the durability sense, but also in the face of trends that are constantly shifting. Whereas clothing brands historically had maybe four seasons a year, fast fashion has brought about fifty-two seasons: new pieces rolling out on a week to week basis.

When exploring the sustainable fashion movement, a few keywords will emerge time and time again: Investment pieces. Classic pieces. Timeless pieces.

What do all of these have in common?
They all describe the intrinsic nature of watches.  
Now, if investment, classic, and timeless are default traits when it comes to watches, the new Germany based watch brand, Lian and Méz, has elevated the standards to the next level: Environmental sustainability coupled with the Swiss Watch Movement.

The terms “environmental sustainability” have grown to be the go-to word for many brands nowadays, and candidly speaking, it’s easy to pass off the terms with a sense of apathy. What does environmental sustainability even mean? Is it just PR fuel for a socially conscious brand image?

Lian and Mez are introducing materials that are the newest editions to the sustainable fashion industry: Piñatex. 

I've been hearing the buzz for quite sometime now in the ethical fashion sector: Piñatex, or pineapple leather as many call it. 

Piñatex fibers are the by-product of the pineapple harvest; no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce them. PETA-approved vegan and developed in the Philippines, Piñatex production provides a new additional income for farmers while creating new industry for pineapple growing countries.
A lasting timepiece for fleeting moments.

As of today, Lian and Méz are launching their Kickstarter, which means get on it, folks. Fleeting moments to get a lasting timepiece half off retail pricing now until March 2017. 

Check out Lian and Méz on their website here.

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This post was sponsored by Lian and Méz.

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