Peep that silk scarf.
Hand dyed courtesy of leftover onion skins and plants native to LA's canyons. Say what? 

I've partnered up with Airbnb to try out the newest addition to platform: Airbnb Experiences. Scroll down to see my visual backlog of exploring Los Angeles' nature palette with a natural textile artist: Aubrey of Nova Goods. 

If there's one thing Airbnb has caught on to, it's that your time in a city, new or old, spans more than just where you stay; it's who you meet and what you do. This experience, Deep Indigo, is a multi-day experience which allows you to interact with a local, see Los Angeles' many faces, and learn a new craft while you're at it. You already know what I picked when presented a list of experiences in Los Angeles: dyeing with natural materials. 

DAY 1: Hiking at Bronson Canyon
Day one of the experience framed doing what I do best: playing tourist in my city. We began a hike in the late afternoon in the back hills of Griffith Park, foraging for native plants. 

Much of the natural dyeing process is hit and miss, as one will learn by the end of the process. For instance: one of the most potent colors on that silk scarf you see was leftover onion skins. Go figure. 

DAY 2: Natural Dyeing Workshop in Larchmont Village
Day two began a Larchmont Village's local farmers market to grab a few more materials for dyeing, followed by Aubrey's home to learn two dyeing techniques: shibori on linen with natural indigo, and bundle dyeing with our foraged materials.

Mind blown at these ultimate colors... stay stuntin, mama nature. 

FTC: This experience was paid for by Airbnb.

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