The ethical fashion industry is all about speaking about factors of the industry that often go hush-hush. Beyond what is often left out of the conversation?

By nature of being an ethical fashion blogger, the pool of potential brand partners is a lot smaller than "traditional" fashion bloggers. So, seldom does one come across a brand that aligns with your ethos towards fashion so seamlessly: sustainable, South-Asian inspired, and striving for conversation beyond simply just clothing.
Victoria Road.
In lieu of the launch of their Spring Summer 2017 collection, ADIMAY and Victoria Road came together in an Instagram Takeover to discuss the topics that intersect both of our brands: from diversity, representation, and environmental sustainability.

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On Diversity:
The ethical fashion industry is all about speaking about factors of the industry that often go hush-hush: working conditions and environmental impacts are among the buzzwords. But often left out of the conversation, fashion industry and beyond, is race and culture.

Diversity, for it to truly have the effect of recognizing beauty and talent of underrepresented communities, needs to be presented at every step.

Through collaborating with local designers in Lahore, Victoria Road highlights the voice of local designers creating pieces inspired by their own cultural aesthetic and craft, while providing designers with a bridge to U.S. and international markets.

On Representation:
Fashion has the means to be a powerful stepping stone for cultural engagement when done right. When it comes to culturally inspired clothing in the framework of capitalism, what draws the line between appropriation and appreciation?

Cultural representation must be followed at every step: from the production process, creating voice for local designers, to presentation, featuring women of color. Promoting sustainability and authentic diversity at the same time is necessary when it comes to fashion industry today. Being a part of the ethical fashion industry demands conversation beyond just working conditionsstay critical, and continue to challenge existing frameworks of power and inequality. Elevate those who are empowering underrepresented communities, promoting authentic cultural engagement, and opportunities for development.
On Sustainability:
Victoria Road preludes each collection launch with an exclusive pre-sale. Why is pre-sale so important to the sustainable fashion model? Pre-sale allows for conscious creation and minimizing waste by producing to order, and helps make advance payments to the Fair Trade workshop to cover employee and material costs.

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