A visual editorial exploring the aesthetic of Victoria Road's newest in-house designer; finding parallels in nature and fashion, from the structured to the free flowing.

FTC: This post was sponsored by Victoria Road.

Spring has arrived. In California, heavy rains have made way for one of the most raved superblooms of all time, drawing huge crowds of city dwellers into countless California canyons, valleys, and nature reserves to experience what Mother Nature does best: a glorious experiences for the senses.

What makes the experience so universally revered? Nature adapts to many perceptions; look at nature from afar, and flowers swaying in the wind will appeal those who seek the free flowing. Look at a flower up close, and it'll appeal to those who seek precise structure and symmetry.

Victoria Road's new Spring Summer collection explores the free flowing and the structured in all the same ways. The new collection features the work of VR's newest in-house designer, Farina Naimat Ali, whose work in fashion is inspired through its intersection with nature and art. Her silhouettes are free flowing, but her digital prints featured structured patterns and prints.

Farina was drawn to fashion by its intersection with multiple artistic mediums, from computer design, drawing by hand, and embroidery. Coming to Victoria Road with solid expertise in computer design, as seen in this season's digital print collection, she is also skilled in the wide range of embroidery techniques used in both traditional and modern Pakistani design.

A designer's individual voice and agency in the design process is critical in creating a major element of the Victoria Road brand: the inclusive supply chain. The inclusive supply chain is defined as the process of carrying forward talented artisans, as well as each skilled craftsperson involved in a piece's creation, into today’s global fashion scene.

Instead of imposing an independent design team, Victoria Road collaborates with local designers, inspired by their own cultural aesthetic and craft. Interested in learning more about the ethos of the Victoria Road label?

Click here to see a roundup of the ADIMAY x Victoria Instagram Takeover, exploring the ethos of the brand. 

Featured Dress

Photographed by yours truly.


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