Being a collector of moments, not things, is a trait I got from Mama Mayer. This year, Mother’s Day meant teaching Mama Mayer the art of spontaneous escape. Join us in our escapade around Griffith, courtesy of Uber.

If there’s one thing I absolutely suck at, it’s picking out gifts. For Mother’s Day, things were easier as a kid— handmade coupons & IOUs were the way to go. As we get older, the natural inclination is to buy the best things—but if there’s one thing I’ve inherited from Mama Mayer, it’s the inclination to collect moments rather than things. This year, Uber Gift Cards made things a bit easier.

Cue the inner sentimentalist, and I put together a photo series and an Uber gift card. Unlike other gift cards that are spent in fleeting objects, Uber gift cards mean giving the right of passage to go wherever, do whatever you want. For Mama Mayer, that meant going to the land where cars are necessary to get around, but parking is a pain: Los Angeles, or Griffith Park to be specific.

Enjoy our visual diary below. Special thanks to Uber for providing the adventure.

Mother’s Day and beyond, gift giving just got easier. 
Get your own Uber gift card here.

FTC: This post was sponsored by Uber. Special thanks to the brands that make ADIMAY possible!

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