Art is expression. Art is resistance. Art is amplification.
Meet the new social enterprise converting art made by refugees and marginalized communities into a sustainable clothing line.
Simple tees have become a cornerstone in the sustainable fashion world. Threadable, a new fashion social enterprise, is adding a new element to the look: art made by the communities Threadable seeks to address.
Thraedable as a way of giving voice through a medium that every person can see: clothes. The founders sought to draw on their experiences in the private and NGO sectors, creating a social enterprise that would bridge the funding gap that grassroots NGOs often suffer, and the information gap that exists with regards to the smaller, lesser known issues of marginalized groups.
Each clothing line is the result of a collaborative process that involves an art workshops held in partnership with grassroots NGOs. Through these workshops, the art for the t-shirt line is created, and 50% of Thraedable's profits are shared with the NGOs.
Each line is born from a social issue that faces invisibility or misinformation-- the launching collection has partnered with 5 organizations, including:
Les Enfants de la Lune: Helping children hypersensitive to UV rays in Medenine, Tunisia.
Legal Center Lesbos: An asylum seekers' rights organization in Lesbos, Greece.
Borderline Sicilia: A migration and human rights non-profit in Sicily, Italy.
All t-shirts and bags are hand-printed with water-based inks on 100% organic cotton or natural fiber. See the full catalog here.

'Mask' Top via Thraedable's
Borderline Sicilia collection.

Borderline Sicilia is an organization which provides
legal support services to migrants and asylum seekers in Sicily-- the southern frontier where many Libyans first arrive.

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